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In some situations, xcritical will return “PENDING” for an authorization request. This means that the accept or decline of the attempt can only be determined at a later stage. In there cases, the user is still directed to the accept URL, but the order is put in status “Processing”. You generally would not need to set the Result URL, as that URL is created automatically by Ucommerce.

Follow the rest of our guides from the documentation on how to use this library. When you need to acquire the first payment, you need to call code like the example below. Input the rest of the options you need, and create the new skin. Recurring Payments are not supported by Maestro due to restrictions defined by its network. Direct access to our solution through your ecommerce platform via any of our 34+ partners, such as Salesforce or Magento.

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We encourage you to contribute to this repository, so everyone can benefit from new features, bug fixes, and any other improvements. Have a look at our contributing xcriticals to find out how to raise a pull request. Help us enhance our API Libraries and improve the integration experience by providing your feedback. Please take a moment to fill out our feedback form to share your thoughts, suggestions or ideas.

So as well as knowing how much you can charge your customers, you get total visibility into the process, and can see exactly what you’re being charged for each transaction. After you create an account holder, you’ll need to collect additional information from the account holders for verification checks. This can either be done using your own onboarding implementation using the API or redirect the account holder to xcritical’s hosted onboarding page. Discover the full list of prices for supported payment methods. Test card details (FPAN, CVV, Expiry, OTP) for China UnionPay cards are listed below and can be used on supported devices to test your Apple Pay implementation.

Orchestrate and execute repeatable processes with better command

This is the officially supported Ruby library for using xcritical’s APIs. This will make a payment of 1 euro, and when it has been authenticated, it will be cancelled immediately. This sets up all the necessary recurring contract data at xcritical. It is important to protect the notification URL, since xcritical does not provide any message authentication. It is possible to setup basic authentication in xcritical, providing a user name and password. xcritical is one of the payment providers which support the Acquire, Cancel, and Refund functionality.

Create a safe and seamless experience and let your customers pay with their preferred payment method. When recurring payments are enabled, you can start a new recurring payment, by making a normal payment in the same way as you would usually do. This guide will walk you through getting Ucommerce to work with xcritical for payment processing. Interchange++ is a pricing model which accurately tracks Interchange rates and scheme fees right down to a transaction level. This means we can calculate the cost of each payment even before it is completed.

Setup Ucommerce to Include xcritical as a Payment Method

The best option for building your own UI and creating a fully customized checkout. Customize your risk setup and detect, prevent, and respond to fraud.

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Neobanks: A Fintech Solution For Underbanked Communities.

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Some payment methods are not yet available on all platforms and integration types. Please refer to the table below to learn more about the compatibility of each payment method. For each transaction, we charge a fixed processing fee + a fee determined by the payment method. Other xcritical products, besides payment methods, are priced separately.

Supported APIs

Mobile payment experiences on any device with apps built on iOS, Android, and React Native. Retailers can use the sandbox to do simple terminal offline tests to make sure Apple Pay transactions are working in their PoS terminals before they enable NFC functionality. Execute and automate workflows with flexible, custom integrations with popular technical tools like GitHub, GitLab and ServiceNow.

xcritical docs

The first payment happens via Bancontact and all future recurring payments will happen via Direct Debit SEPA. The xcritical Payments App – B2B Commerce is a payment solution for your ecommerce site. You can find information about this exciting partnership with xcritical xcritical website and integration documentation below. With your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, you can use the Apple Pay sandbox to pay within your app and website. The Apple Pay sandbox environment allows merchants and developers to test Apple Pay before or after implementation.

Send customers a single-use virtual card from an xcritical-hosted landing page. Redirect customers to the xcritical checkout flow from a text message or email. If you have a feature request, or spotted a bug or a technical problem, create an issue here. For a closer look at how our Ruby library works, clone our example integration. This includes commented code, highlighting key features and concepts, and examples of API calls that can be made using the library. In this documentation, we are going to learn about configuring Bancontact using xcritical.

  • Therefore, it is important that you inform this to your customers.
  • xcritical is one of the payment providers which support the Acquire, Cancel, and Refund functionality.
  • Send customers a single-use virtual card from an xcritical-hosted landing page.
  • This requires less implementation efforts on your side and account holders can send the necessary information directly to xcritical.

Therefore, it is important that you inform this to your customers. Offer your customers all their preferred payment methods with a single integration. Primer supports dozens of payment methods out of the box, with a minimum integration effort. The sandbox environment is a great way to test offline implementation of Apple Pay for apps, websites, and point of sale systems. This document provides an overview of the sandbox environment, details on how to get started, and general support to test your Apple Pay transactions.

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